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Pre and Post Tan Instructions


Shower at the latest, 4 hours prior to your appointment, preferably the night before.  This gives your skin time to dry and the PH to rest naturally.  Showering right before can prevent it from absorbing fully.  Exfoliate with a wash cloth or loufa, or scrub mit to remove all dead skin cells. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off all shave cream..  Avoid using oily, sugar or salt scrubs the day of your apppointment as well.  The day before is better.  Do not apply deoderant, lotion or body oil the day of your appointment.  


Bring or wear loose dark clothing and flip flops. Anything tight will rub your tan off, this includes bras, yoga pants, jeans and socks. Solutions usually have a cosmetic bronzer that will rub off while developing.


Leave your solution on for the time recommeded.  For all regular solutions it's 8 to 12 hours.  1-3 for rapid solutions. Rapids still need a full 8-13 hours to fully develop after your initial rinse.  The cosmetic bronzer in some of my solutions may  rub off on clothing and bedding but will wash out. Use care when sitting on furniture and light colored upholstery. Lay a towel down if needed.  Use a sulfate free body wash. Avoid Ivory, Dove, Dial, Nivea, anti-bacterial and bar soaps. ,these will fade your tan.  Moisturize 2-3 times per day with a tan friendly lotion.  Do not use anything with mineral oil in it. 

Saunas, pools and hot-tubs will fade your tan instantly.

* I cannot guarantee your tan will develop properly unless proper prep is done.

* I cannot guarantee your tan will last and fade smoothly unless proper prepand maintenance is done.

* I cannot guarantee your tan will last and fade smoothly unless salon products are purchased and used as directed

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